2013, 2014; Meens et al

2013, 2014; Meens et al. against desmoplakin (a, 20 m (GIF 226 kb) 441_2014_2053_Fig12_ESM.gif (226K) GUID:?32614860-AAB0-4015-AF39-294DFA8A65E5 HIGH RES (TIFF 2713 kb) PIK3R1 441_2014_2053_MOESM2_ESM.tif (2.6M) GUID:?17DCB9B4-F8B4-407A-8BB4-FCC47F1E0E8A Fig. S3: Double-label, confocal laser-scanning immunofluorescence microscopy of cryostat areas through boar myocardium, demonstrating the specificity of the sarcomeric component, -actinin, for sarcomeric Z-bands and of striatin for the amalgamated junctions in the intercalated disks. Striatin (10 m (GIF 148 kb) 441_2014_2053_Fig13_ESM.gif (148K) GUID:?80B2F718-04DB-419D-8BB8-7EE073FC92FE HIGH RES (TIFF 1203 kb) 441_2014_2053_MOESM3_ESM.tif (1.1M) GUID:?199AAA08-1A1C-4238-AA45-0DBC1C741639 Fig. S4: Double-label, confocal laser-scanning immunofluorescence microscopy of boar myocardium, using two various kinds of -actinin antibodies, a murine mAb, EA53, labelled in merger color) and reactions on Z-lines just. 20 m (GIF 191 kb) 441_2014_2053_Fig14_ESM.gif (191K) GUID:?F4957597-B9D5-4926-A966-C126BD7E5411 HIGH RES (TIFF 2089 kb) 441_2014_2053_MOESM4_ESM.tif (2.0M) GUID:?94C219B5-1985-4BBD-833C-E7B752532B3B Fig. S5: Double-label, confocal laser-scanning immunofluorescence microscopy of the cryostat section through adult rat myocardium (fixation: 10 min acetone, washes, 5 min PBS formulated with 0.2% Triton X-100). Take note the far-reaching colocalization of -catenin (a, a”, a”’, 20 m (GIF 74 kb) 441_2014_2053_Fig15_ESM.gif (75K) GUID:?94A4A9AE-95A9-43B7-9A5A-3C9BA65F0605 HIGH RES (TIFF 807 kb) 441_2014_2053_MOESM5_ESM.tif (808K) GUID:?8F528D34-7E6C-4E12-B53D-D25B57C7B818 Fig. S6: Double-label, confocal laser-scanning immunofluorescence microscopy displaying the localization of ankyrin-G as an element from the CJs in cryostat areas through several mammalian myocardia. a-a”’ Micrographs displaying a individual myocardium immunostained for ankyring-G in comparison to desmoplakin being a demonstration from the far-reaching colocalization of desmoplakin (a, combine color) without and with stage contrast history (a”’). The inserts demonstrate that colocalization of the two CJ plaque proteins isn’t only seen in well toned intercalated disks but also in little, even small CJ buildings (find whiskers and dots in the put). bCb”’ Micrographs displaying boar myocardium immunostained in parallel towards the individual test in a-a”’ (same information). c, c’ Micrographs displaying the CJ co-localization of desmoplakin (c’, merger color). d-d”’ Micrographs displaying the immunolocalization of ankyrin-G (a-d”’, merger color). 20 m and 10 m (within a and b) (GIF 413 kb) 441_2014_2053_Fig16_ESM.gif (413K) GUID:?958C9D30-F1FA-4204-A6C1-0D1DF8FA1FBD HIGH RES (TIFF 4866 kb) 441_2014_2053_MOESM6_ESM.tif (4.7M) GUID:?91F13017-7557-4509-8C00-6C4099238596 Fig. S7: Double-label, confocal laser-scanning immunofluorescence microscopy of the dense-grown monolayer lifestyle of principal?cultured cells from perinatal rat hearts, used at day 2 after beginning originally. The cells still display positivity for striatin (a, merger color), whereas others are uncovered as separate buildings of either or color situated on plasma membranes or dissociated in to the cytoplasm where variously-sized, 20 m (GIF MK-6892 150 kb) 441_2014_2053_Fig17_ESM.gif (150K) GUID:?EBE126A1-6F8A-45CC-B2B6-2F4DB8898CFA HIGH RES (TIFF 1369 kb) 441_2014_2053_MOESM7_ESM.tif (1.3M) GUID:?2159A637-DDA2-4ADA-AE8E-A3A517550427 Fig. S8: Double-label, confocal laser-scanning immunofluorescence microscopy of the monolayer lifestyle of individual mammary carcinoma-derived cells of series MCF-7, showing comprehensive colocalization of striatin (a, merger color (a”, on the phase contrast history). 20 m (GIF 180 kb) MK-6892 441_2014_2053_Fig18_ESM.gif (181K) GUID:?CC2CE9B2-DD00-4E9A-A20D-AF08A49CC632 HIGH RES (TIFF 2492 kb) 441_2014_2053_MOESM8_ESM.tif (2.4M) GUID:?4DBFE180-E01A-4384-9346-B64EAABDE799 Fig. S9: Double-label, confocal laser-scanning immunofluorescence microscopy displaying monolayer lifestyle MCF-7 cells (2?times after trypsin-dissociation and re-seeding), double-stained with antibodies against striatin (a, (occludin) which of the (striatin), are coordinated in space and period, as indicated with the extensive colocalization (merger color) of both marker proteins in extended junctional buildings and in little, isolated intercepts which appear seeing that person MK-6892 dots or MK-6892 on plasma membranes or elsewhere in the cytoplasm (e.g. in top of the left area). 20 m (GIF 96 kb) 441_2014_2053_Fig19_ESM.gif (96K) GUID:?02C912B4-B96F-4279-839B-E38882DAE8D7 HIGH RES (TIFF 1050 kb) 441_2014_2053_MOESM9_ESM.tif (1.0M) GUID:?2B1C44E0-493E-4735-BD72-C0C54B163C02 Fig. S10: Micrograph displaying another region from the MCF-7?cell lifestyle immunostaining preparation presented in the preceeding body. Note right here that through the reformation from the cell-cell get in touch with regions of linked restricted and adherens junctions (and merger color, positive for markers of both restricted and adherens junctions of different lengths widely. These may appear not merely near plasma membranes but deep in the cytoplasm also, partly also in the perinuclear area (e.g., in top of the marginal area of the picture). 20 m (GIF 126 kb) 441_2014_2053_Fig20_ESM.gif (126K) GUID:?5EFFAFB5-A7BF-47F3-A42B-EDC182AD044A HIGH RES (TIFF 1537 kb) 441_2014_2053_MOESM10_ESM.tif (1.5M) GUID:?01A1C140-AEEC-4A02-9A4F-6AEAD7F30A2B Desk S1: Principal antibodies (DOC 79 kb) 441_2014_2053_MOESM11_ESM.doc (80K) GUID:?D44DF4B3-4252-43F5-BD6D-3D1F53F7B442 Abstract Proteins from the striatin family (striatins 1C4; sizes which range from 90 to 110?kDa on SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) are highly homologous within their amino acidity sequences but may vary within their cell-type-specific gene appearance patterns and biological features. In a variety of cell types, we’ve.